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Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical Industry

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Metallurgical Industry
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Jinding Heavy Industry Limited Liability Company
Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Limited Liability Company
No. 4 Blast Furnace of Guizhou Shuicheng Iron & Steel Group
Hebei Mingfang Iron & Steel Shaft Furnace Project
1550mm Cold-rolling Plate and Strip Project of Liuzhou Iron & Steel Group
Guangxi Liuzhou Iron & Steel Group
Electrolytic Manganese Project of Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.
Shagang Anyang Yongxing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Anyang Iron & Steel Limited Liability Company
Metallurgy 110 KV Substation of Xinyang Iron & Steel Company
Zhangjiagang Shagang Group
CSP Sheet Billet Continuous Casting and Rolling Project of Wuhan Iron & Steel
Jiangxi Copper Industry Guixi Metallurgical Refinery
Jisco 5# and 6# Tamping Coke Oven Project
The Secondary Production Power Supply System of Henan Colored Huiyuan Aluminum Oxide