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Jiangsu Sen source of power in the Beijing Exhibition EP

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October 22, 2014 to 24, 2014 China Electricity Exhibition EPChina2014 gala held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, Jiangsu Sen Source Electric Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this exhibition.
Jiangsu Sen Hall source technology, innovation, professionalism, quality at the core of our company's VJ series vacuum circuit breaker attracted a large number of foreign visitors, we exchange technical issues, all of my company's great interest in the vacuum circuit breaker especially new products VJG-T (6 million times long life vacuum interrupter), VJG-Z (intelligent vacuum breaker) and VJFC (fuse - combination of electrical) and the like.
The exhibition grand scale, Jiangsu Sen source and its unique image booth so many companies and the audience was impressed, the company's products are gaining a lot of people in the industry praise, I am sure this is the source of Jiangsu Sen, is Jiangsu Sen the source of continuous development.
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